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Well, that was an interesting 18 months wasn't it?!

Seriously though, the last 18 months have been super tough for so many businesses on so many levels - and we aren't out of it yet.

Through the pain and struggle there has also been great opportunity...more businesses than EVER have created new or increased online offerings, taken offline businesses online and realised the power of recurring revenue and digital products.

But being a business owner, a visionary, an entrepreneur is hard - and even harder when you don't have a tech bone in your body, or understand a strategy for growing your audience and making consistent sales.

In the last 18 months, my Automations, Launch & Funnels agency has quadrupled it's turnover, taken on some AMAZING high end clients and added new team members - and the need for what we do is still growing.

In this Masterclass, I am going to talk you through my journey over the last 12 months, share the secrets that helped me achieve success and show you the HUGE opportunity that is here currently in this field (and isn't going anywhere soon)....

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Secret #1

How I transformed my business from struggling one-man band to six-figure success AND through a pandemic!

Secret #2

The TRUE secret to building a business attracting high-ticket, desirable clients that WILL PAY YOUR WORTH!

Secret #3

How you can get started transforming your own offering and creating a business you LOVE - on your terms!

Hi, I'm Charlotte.

Hi! I'm Charlotte, a launch, automations, tech, FB ads and funnels specialist - my clients call me 'the Evergreen Queen'!

I work with 6 and 7 figure online businesses to help then automate, grow their audiences and make more sales!

I've had the pleasure of supporting some of the biggest names out there with their sales funnels, digital product creations and launches, and I am passionate about helping people build automated businesses with funnels that convert!

Over the last 18 months I have transformed my business from a one-man-band to a thriving 6 figure agency serving high-end clients all over the globe.

I can't wait to share my highs, lows and everything in between with you!

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